Hi, I'm David! This is my news aggregator.

This works by keeping track of what a large number of journalists, other media people and other observers are talking about on Twitter. This is best at picking up the stories reported by one outlet that everyone is talking about. It doesn't do such a good job on the stories that every outlet has their own article on (I recommend also paying attention to the websites of your favourite newspapers).

This is designed to have a strong focus on political news and hopefully represents a range of generally reasonable perspectives.

The "•"s to the left of the site name represent how much attention the story has received. It ranges from zero to about seven bullets. It's similar to the number of votes that other sites show. Stories on the recent page are sorted by how hot they are right now. Stories on the archive page are sorted by how popular they were on that day, week or month.

A tweet that is responsible for a notable amount of an article's spread on Twitter is shown to give more context (this is especially useful when the tweet is criticising the article). More tweets can be seen by going to the comments page.

There is a US and an Australian version of this site. They both work the same way. Switch between them using the button in the page header.

You can add this to your phone's home screen by opening the browser menu or share button and selecting "Add to home screen".

You can contact me at con--remove this part--tact AT thenewseachday DOT com. Please forgive me if I don't reply.