If you can think of an element of the health system, it has been affected by Covid-19. This isn't just about people who become infected. Almost two years into the pandemic, there is still a head-scratching approach to planning. thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/politics/…

latest polling has #independent challengers @spenderallegra & @KyleaTink above 20% primary in #wentworth & #northsydney respectively.
excellent news… if spender & tink receive 25%+ primary in may, they're highly likely to win… and join the crossbench.

Amen to this from @GregBaum.
There is no #AusOpen popularity problem that needs to be solved by the Ks. In non-COVID times, the Open is the most successful of the four Slams. The only problem it has is not having enough tickets to meet demand.
theage.com.au/sport/tennis/w… #AusOpen

Sometimes, writing hurts.
This one hurt.
My latest piece in @shot_au on "living alongside the virus".
On loss and life (and coffee shops) in our time of covid.

Back on this thread briefly to share a BBC report with further scrutiny of Djokovic's positive test document.
The identification number on the document he submitted doesn't align up chronologically with the numbers on other tests from Serbia last month.

In recent months, I have been investigating Gina Rinehart's growing ties to Australian sport & the tension between athlete climate activism & Rinehart's global warming denial for @GuardianAus. Today, @AUSOlympicTeam announced a partnership with Rinehart theguardian.com/business/2022/…

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This is not happening.
Everyone needs to stop drinking the bong water now on this one. twitter.com/satpaper/statu…