COVID-19 in Australia

Cases by age

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This shows the rate at which people in each age group in New South Wales and Victoria test positive for COVID-19. By default, it is coloured according to the rate per million people in that age group. By default, it uses a seven day rolling average. Move your mouse over the data to see numbers for an age group on a day.

NSW data is based on both PCR and RAT tests. Victoria's data is only for PCR tests.

The number of cases displayed is the rolling average. Set the rolling average to be for one day to see the exact number for a day. The percentage next to the number of cases is the proportion of cases that are from that age group on that day. Note that New South Wales and Victoria group ages in different ranges and NSW data only goes back to the end of June 2021.

The second option for colour indicates if an age group is over- or under-represented in cases. It is calculated based on the number of people in each age group and the expected number is what it would be if each age group had the same case rate when adjusting for population size. More cases are indicated with red. Less cases are indicated with blue. The third option for colour indicates the number of cases without adjusting for the number of people in each bracket. Hover the mouse over age labels to see the size of each group.

Data sources: New South Wales. Victoria. Age.

This page is updated regularly with the latest data.

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